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  1. Diners need to freshen up on their produce knowledge

    – As we celebrate British Food Fortnight, research shows diners care about eating seasonal produce, but just 18% can identify in season fruit and veg – 18% of diners are able to identify when fruit and vegetables are in season Over one third (35%) think seasonal menus are important when dining out Over half of… read more

  2. The rise of the concept restaurant

    Popularity of concept restaurants amongst diners is increasing, but is the food or the idea the main attraction? 95% of restaurant owners report seeing a rise in concept restaurants in the UK Concept restaurants are on the rise with over half of the UK having visited one Nearly half (44%) of restaurateurs consider themselves to… read more

  3. Food envy causes unrest at the dinner table

    Over 3 million (3,790,920) diners admit they suffer from food envy on a regular basis Almost one quarter (23%) of the UK admit food envy has caused an argument between partners and friends Over one third (35%) of Brits would steal their partner’s / friend’s dish to satisfy their food envy One in five women… read more

  4. “Going Dutch” could cost diners almost £39,000 over a lifetime

    -More than the average UK housing deposit- 2 in 3 diners will split the bill when dining out, despite fearing losing out on money One third (34%) split the bill because they don’t want others to think they’re tight On average, splitting the bill means possibly losing out on £8.73 per meal; meaning a potential… read more